UpMap T800 – Ducati Panigale V4 R


With UpMap, you can ensure maximum performance for your DUCATI PANIGALE V4 R equipped with Termignoni 4USCITE (code D182).

With UpMap, you can re-program the ECU of your Panigale V4 R to adjust engine calibration to the new D182 system, thereby getting the most out of the 4USCITE in terms of maximum performance as well as delivery and riding pleasure. A benefit that is clear right from the first twist of the throttle.

CODE: V4 R 18 D182 FR

 - Designed for the Termignoni 4USCITE complete racing exhaust code D182, with deactivated lambda probes and exhaust valve.
 - In terms of power, the mapping reaches 
212.19CV at 15700 rpm.
 - In terms of torque, the recorded value is 
10.99Kgm at 12100 rpm.

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